Developing Spiritual Mastery

Cultivate your inner light / improve your life experience develop aboriginal based shamanic healing techniques

Note: due to popular demand, we will be offering this course as an online program in 2021. You can register your interest at any time.

This is a full course that will be offered in 4-5 week modules over the ensuing years.

Module 1: Invoke Your Spirit

Have you ever wondered how energy works? Are you curious to learn about your spiritual and emotional bodies? Ae you interested in gaining skills to better respond to challenges in your life? Are you stuck with repeating patterns of behaviour that impact upon your life and are you looking to transform them? Perhaps you are interested in cultivating a personal healing practice for yourself.

In this module we cover these topics and other wisdom teachings such as how to scan energy, tuning in to the electromagnetic fields, spiritual hygiene practices, the universal spiritual laws, aboriginal law/lore, and our spiritual relationship with nature and galactic cosmic energies.

Receive an energy healing each week and learn techniques to heal yourself and others. You will leave feeling empowered, refreshed and recharged.

Participation in this course is an entry into working with Grandmother Mulara as a shamanic practitioner with an aboriginal flavour, and an opportunity for you to be guided by an initiated Senior Law/Lore Woman of high degree.

Contact: Grandmother Mulara – / 0408 496 622