Elders Mystery School

Elders Mystery School 


Exploring the Spiritual Law and Cultural Lore of the land and the people

Held in the latter part of April each year at Kupidabin Cultural Centre, 7 Lyell Court, Mt Samson, North Brisbane Qld

The Mystery School is our flagship indigenous program taught by elders from local places as well as invited national and international elders. We are now into our seventh year with a dozen elders and hundreds of people having taken part in the journey.

Our Elders are the keepers of closely held wisdom and teachings that have been preserved and passed down through oral tradition. This knowledge is now taught through the traditional shamanic Mystery School experience where we live together as a tribe in one place and draw upon the environment around us as our learning circle.

The Mystery School helps to bring indigenous knowledge into the light for all to learn and to heal. We will journey and connect deeply with ourselves and each other through deepening our connection with sacred Mother Earth. Your immersion in this program will be transformational and many of our participants return each year.

May you find your answers and guidance from sitting in circle at the sacred fire with our beautiful and loving elders.


PROGRAM (summary)

  • Welcome to Country
  • Status before ‘white fella’ settlement
  • Aboriginal Law/Lore and Culture
  • Dreamtime Creation Stories
  • Protocols and Respect
  • Sacredness
  • Dreaming Circle – how you live your life; your Dreaming
  • Healing and Empowering the Songlines you carry
  • Cultural Integrity & Two Way Culture
  • The place for indigenous guidance & the Silence Quest
  • Preparing your sacred Journey and Walkabout
  • Totem & Animal Reconnection
  • Traditional Healing
  • Using Ochre for Healing
  • Indigenous Grandmother Teachings
  • Calling each other back through Ritual and Ceremony
  • Medicine Wheel & the elements of initiation
  • Spiritual Astrology
  • Unfinished Business
  • Sweat Lodge one evening (optional) – details provided on booking form
  • Healing Our Songlines Ceremony
  • New Dreaming and New Law/Lore
  • Ancestral Healing
  • and much more!

Contact Aunty Mulara for registration and booking form or for more information – m +61 (0)408 496 622 / sridevimulara@gmail.com / or fill out the contact details below.