Indigenous Teachings

This program is a rich smorgasbord of knowledge and teachings from many indigenous elders who have given permission for them to be taught through initiated teachers to the world.

Facilitated by aboriginal elder and senior law/lore woman Grandmother Mulara, an initiated White Whale Dreaming wisdom keeper who has been given the Grandmother Teachings, this is a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with Australian indigenous elders, teachers and healers. Learn about traditional ways of living a spiritual life and transfer the essence of ancient sacred wisdom into your life with elder guidance.


  • Understanding Aboriginal nations and language
  • Aboriginal law/lore and protocols
  • Dreaming tracks and animal totems
  • Songlines
  • Purpose of ceremony and ritual
  • Dreamtime stories of creation
  • New Dreaming, New Lore
  • Grandmothers’ wisdom
  • and much more!

Bookings: / 0408 496 622

With great respect to the traditional custodians, elders and ancestors where these teachings are held.