Blessings of the Grandmothers

Blessings from the Grandmothers (course one)

ONLINE COURSE in response to popular demand worldwide to learn from Grandmother Mulara.

This course contains the first-ever release of the Grandmothers Teachings.





Come on a spiritual walkabout with Grandmother Mulara and absorb the Grandmother Teachings given to her to share with others. 

Subjects covered include – being called to sacred duty, our relationship with the land, spiritual law, cultural lore, the eternal heartbeat, Earth’s grids and energy acupuncture points, personal songlines, star nations, sonic healing, advanced consciousness, the New Dreaming.

Includes a meditation each week. 

Start: 1 May 2022 at 8-10am (AEST)

Cost: $720 for 2 live sessions with Grandmother Mulara, the pre-recorded package of teachings of six modules, and the booklet containing the Grandmother’s Teachings. Payable in 8 instalments of $90.

Discount rate: $575 if paid in full by 30 April 2022.

In offering these teachings, we pay our respects to the sacred Grandmothers who have gone before us.

Booklet of the Grandmother’s Teachings

For previous participants of the course to purchase the booklet of the Grandmother’s Teachings – click on the button below or contact Kitty 

Availability is restricted to registered participants of the course in 2021 and 2022.

Grandmothers Advanced Teachings (course two)

Participants of the first course are invited to continue their spiritual walkabout with the Grandmothers and selected guest presenters in a new course of advanced teachings.

When the Grandmothers Weave, the Earth will Renew

Immerse yourself more deeply in the teachings and be the first to learn what has not yet been taught.

Subjects include – metaphysical spiritual phenomena, entering the Dreaming, aboriginal prophecy, dreaming tracks, bush plant medicine, sacred whales’ wisdom, sonic healing and its profound effects on the nervous system, spirit children, totems, light language.

Includes a journey meditation each week. All sessions are recorded.

Pre-requisite: completion of the Blessings from the Grandmothers (course one)

To be scheduled for 2022.

Contact: Kitty at