Sacred Objects & Tools

Indigenous people, shamans, avatars, mystics and spiritual masters have always used sacred objects and tools to support their Earth walk and spiritual healing practices.

To assist you to raise and hold your vibration as you awaken to the New Dreaming, we have made a selection of high level spiritually advanced sacred objects and tools available for you to purchase.

Aboriginal Clapsticks

Hand-made genuine Australian aboriginal clapsticks blessed by the Grandmothers. Choice between raw, natural beeswax finish, or painted; plus postage to anywhere in the world. These are examples and may not be exactly what arrives for you. Each piece of timber has its unique markings and sound. 


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Australian indigenous artwork by Wirajuri woman, Aunty Bangarra

I am a sculptor/artist and I create for the joy that it gives my soul. My inspiration comes from my dreams, through meditation, communing with Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine.  I love sculpting and drawing/painting what is in my heart, it gives me great joy. As I create I allow the universe to speak to me and this guides me in the process.

Available as postcards through Instagram account @salliessculptures or contact Aunty Bangarra at

“New Dreaming”

It’s time to walk the new dreaming, black fella and white fella together to create a new way. Allow the pain, blame and shame to drop away. There is only love.

New Dreaming


Gather as sisters, around the fire, close to Mother Earth in a safe space. share laughter, tears, joy, desires, pain, with no judgement. Hold each other, embrace the creative power of the divine feminine.


“Sacred Water”

Tears are sacred water, when they flow they honour who I am and those I shred them for. Never be ashamed of them, they hold the power of the Divine.

Sacred Water

“Star Sisters”

This is where you come from, we are one.

May the light in me see the light in you.

Star Sisters


May the joy in my heart bubble out to those around me. This painting also represents the joy of Grandmother, Mother and child.



Walk softly, slowly and gently with respect and honour – Yindyamarra. Ngurambanga means country; walking on Mother Earth keeps me grounded while my soul soars.



May Grandfather fire cleanse me and illuminate my path. Fire is a deep cleanser and illuminator of who I am and it helps spark my inner creativity. 


Crystal Essences: Adriana of Emanating Crystals

Adriana comes from a lineage of healers. Her life purpose at this time is to use her spiritual gifts from many life times and help people that are stressed; who can’t find their way; are experiencing infertility or addictions; who want more out of life and are wanting change in their life but they don’t know how to make these changes.  Adriana holds a Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma, with the Spiritual Ventures Associations, UK.  Her passion with crystals started eighteen years ago when she heard the crystals speak her language, so that she can pass  on the ancient knowledge to other people. Adriana channels Divine Healings at all levels and multiple dimensions. Her interest in energy led her to undertake Certificates in Pranic Healing, Medical Intuition, LightWave Energy – Infusion Therapy, Shamanism, Reiki, Munay-Ki Rites, Kambo Ceremony, R’ape Ceremony, Flower bath/Limpias Ceremonies and Artu Lore.

My memories of Atlantis still are within me, this has given me the gift of creating unique Essences just like we used to do back in the days of Atlantis. You come to me and I feel your emanation, therefore an essence is created with crystals and other tools that I can feel will benefit you.  It comes in a form of drops or spray, depending on what area of your life you are wanting to transform. This will come with a specific Crystal to help you activate this transformation.

Crystal Essences

I Acknowledge the power within,

The essence of transformation fulfilment.

I am transformation.

Adriana – Emanating Crystals


Adriana can be contacted at: