Women’s Law/Lore Circles

We are now open for registrations for 2021 programs – contact us at grandmothermulara@gmail.com

The Journey of Sacred Knowledge

Come … 

Do you hear the call

The rustle of the leaves

In the morning breeze

Messages from the winged ones

We are calling you

Do you feel the call

In your heart

Under your feet

As you walk upon the land

To Mother Earth’s heartbeat

Do you heed the call

As Grandmother Moon grows

And bathes your spirit

In light and love and moonbeam glow

Daughter, sister, mother, aunt

We are calling you

It’s time ….. it’s time

For the Women to come together

To sit by the sacred fire

To be in ceremony

And learn

The Law of One Woman

Grandmother Mulara, 2018

Do you hold a strong spiritual integrity and connection to Mother Earth and her children? Are you interested in learning from our traditional ways in a sacred women’s space? Grandmother Mulara has sat with Law Women throughout this continent, powerful traditional women who are now ‘the old people’. Some have already passed. She was given teachings to pass on and it’s now time to begin instructing in the Journey of Knowledge and to form a strong group of women who can hold the teachings and each other. 

We offer four levels of initiation under the Law of One Woman. They are residential and will be scheduled 3 times over three ‘long’ weekends over 9-10 months. In 2021 we are offering a Wannai circle in the Gold Coast (Qld) and Hunter Valley (NSW) and a Lore Circle in the Hunter Valley.

  1. Wannai Circle – a generation of our daughters coming into the fullness of womanhood. Although this is traditionally a celebration around 30 years of age, it is recognised that each sister has yet to undergo such an experience and therefore age for this circle is immaterial. It is intended that you will undergo the Wannai ceremony, the first entry initiation into the Law of One Woman and receive teachings accordingly.
  2. Level One Women’s Lore Circle – for women who have undergone a Wannai ceremony or hold equivalent knowledge and/or experience of traditional law/lore.
  3. Level Two Women’s Law Camp – for women who have undergone level one initiation or equivalent. Residential in-house teachings and practice via journeys in-country.
  4. Level Three Women’s Law/Lore – We travel to different locations.

This is a deeply sacred journey. We have work to do together and the Grandmothers are calling you…

Attending Aboriginal Women’s business is a dream come true for me Grandmother Mulara and what a bonus it was to participate in ceremony with such an extraordinary loving knowledgeable and fun filled group of women, I am truely blessed in so many ways through this experience – Kim, Toowoomba

Contact us on grandmothermulara@gmail.com if you are interested in participating in any of these circles.